MerchantPlay 2.0

Posted on 13th Jul 2018 in Support, News & Announcements

This is a major release that supports Table Service operations:
- Menu Item Modifiers
- Split Orders
- Merge Orders
- Transfer Table
- Table Layout Management
- Enable Balance Payment
- Kitchen Order Chit Printing with Tags
- Orders Synchronisation between devices
- Minor bugs fixes

MerchantPlay iPad Version 1.20 Release

Posted on 5th Mar 2018 in Support, News & Announcements

After months of hardwork we have finally released the version that can allow product edit and the ability to update the quick keys layout using the app alone:

Server Maintenance Notice

Posted on 27th Oct 2016 in News & Announcements

Dear Valued Customer,

In the past week, a vulnerability known as Dirty COW in the Linux Kernel was reported. This vulnerability affects Linux-based machines which allows attackers to achieve root access to servers and take over the whole system. Our infrastructure team had prepared the fix immediately after being aware of the issue, and initialised a kernel update on all our shared servers. However, we would require a quick reboot on the shared servers in order for the fix to apply to the servers. Details of the Server Reboot are as follows:

Date : 29th October 2016 (Saturday)
Time : (GMT+8) 0000Hrs to 0300Hrs

There will be a very short downtime involved for your services that may last for up to 5 minutes between this 3 hour period. We do apologize for the short notice, due to the urgency to fix the exploit that may potential harm our shared hosting customers. Should you have any concerns, please do drop us an email at so that we can address your queries.

MerchantPlay Support Team

MerchantPlay Version 1.10 Released

Posted on 1st Nov 2015 in News & Announcements

What is New?

  • New menu header look to increase usuability and space
  • Ability to print A4 Invoice from POS screen
  • Appointment & Scheduling Module (for service-based businesses like Spa, Studio, Clinic and Salon)
  • Deprecation of Sell and Buy modules
  • Enhanced Dashboard with introduction of KPI Analytics
  • Major and minor bug fixes

MerchantPlay Product Package Feature

Posted on 14th Sep 2015 in Support

The new MerchantPlay Product Package functionality allows you to bundle together multiple services and/or products for your customers to purchase as a pre-paid package. The pre-paid packages wait in a pending state in the customer profile page for the customer to redeem anytime.

Case Study - Avenue Kids (Retail Chain)

Posted on 1st Sep 2015 in Case Studies

Avenue Kids operates a chain of boutique stores, specialising in unique & adorable footwear, fashion and accessories for infants, toddlers and young children. They pride themselves in providing customers with the most gorgeous, the cutest & high quality products from over the world at reasonable price tags.

Case Study - Hock Siong & Co (Specialty Store)

Posted on 1st Sep 2015 in Case Studies

Hock Siong is a Singapore based 2nd hand retailer dealing with pre-used items from local hotels and organisations. As they sell a wide and extensive range of stock ranging from furniture, decorations, kitchenware, linen to stainless steel, they require a robust and versatile system that is able to cater the needs to their walk-in consumer and industrial customers, and overseas export clients.

Add products to your quick keys on the POS screen

Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Support

Quick Keys is the map of buttons on the POS screen, organised by grids or pages. MerchantPlay allows you to easily assign products as quick keys, rename, reposition and recolour keys, and organise your buttons into grids and pages.

Refunds and Exchanges

Posted on 19th Aug 2015 in Support

It is always preferable to perform a refund of a prior transaction versus simply creating a refund. Not only will this allow for perfect record keeping, but may help eliminate cases of fraud. We will show you how to refund a transaction by looking up the original transaction or the less preferred refund without an original transaction.

MerchantPlay Store Credit Feature

Posted on 17th Aug 2015 in Support

Store Credit Accounts help you extend a line of credit to customers and keep track of customer balances and credits. This article describes how to:

  • Open a customer store credit account
  • Top up a customer store credit account
  • Utilise the store credits as mode of payment

MerchantPlay Version 1.09 Released

Posted on 11th Jul 2015 in News & Announcements

What is New?

  • Added Retrieve Open Sales within POS screen hence without the need to go to History tab to retrieve Open Sales
  • New Sales Collection Summary Report
  • Enhanced general application performance
  • Changes for MerchantPlay iPad Native App (coming on iTunes soon!)
  • Major and minor bug fixes

Print as Quotation

Posted on 29th Apr 2015 in News & Announcements

Finally! By popular demand, we have just released an update to include the feature to generate a quotation using simply the Sell screen. Simply go to the Sell screen, select the customer and items to quote and click on Print as Quotation button found at the bottom of the screen and off you go!

You requested, we listened and delivered! Happy Labor Day Holiday Folks :)

How Merchantplay can help you in your retail business?

Posted on 2nd Mar 2015 in News & Announcements

Regardless of your design and store concept, MerchantPlay enables you to centrally manage your inventory, sales and customers anytime anywhere.

Read this article to find out more.

Happy Lunar New Year

Posted on 18th Feb 2015 in News & Announcements

MerchantPlay wishes all a Happy Lunar New Year!

Why online POS is the way to go?

Posted on 17th Feb 2015 in News & Announcements

As businesses today are becoming more mobile, an online point-of-sale (POS) system allows you to have greater flexibility and control over your business anytime anywhere.

Read more to find out why owning an online POS system is the way to go.

Getting Started with MerchantPlay

Posted on 6th Feb 2015 in Support

Once you have signed up with MerchantPlay, the first thing that you should do is to set up your store. Setting up and using MerchantPlay is as easy as 123. Read this article on how to get you started.

New Pricing and Free Trial Period

Posted on 2nd Feb 2015 in News & Announcements

Check out our new pricing at

The free trial account is now valid for a 30-day period.

Free Trial Account Period

Posted on 9th Jan 2015 in News & Announcements

With effect 1 Feb 2015, customers trying MerchantPlay for free will get to use your free trial account for a 30-day period.

Once the 30-day period is up, you will not be able to access the account.

We hope that you find MerchantPlay suitable to your needs. Please refer to on our pricing and decide which plan best suits you.

We look forward to serving you.

Pricing Revision

Posted on 8th Jan 2015 in News & Announcements

Please be informed that with effect 1 Feb 2015, there will be changes to our pricing.

We will be introducing a new plan to cater to businesses that are using a single register at a lower monthly subscription fee.  For existing customers, we will advise you on switching to the new plan to enjoy the new pricing.

As for businesses that are using multiple registers, there will be a slight increase in the monthly subscription fee.  The increase is due to higher cost of maintenance of our servers to store data.  To thank existing customers for your support, there will not be any changes to the monthly subscription fee that you are currently paying and you still get to enjoy all the services that we are providing.

MerchantPlay Version 1.08 Released

Posted on 25th Dec 2014 in News & Announcements

Happy holidays! Wow, what a busy month December has been! We’ve got some exciting updates to MerchantPlay this month with the provision of SSL to our main website to enhance security for all our users. We also release the much awaited Stock Replenishment Report, a report to track products that are below reorder point and give our users the means to create purchase orders with the quantity based on the reorder level for these products. Just to spice things up, we will launch our native iPad app soon which will give our iPad users more speed and flexibilty.

MerchantPlay Version 1.07 Released

Posted on 14th Nov 2014 in News & Announcements

What's New?

  • Remove Tax on the POS Screen
  • Set Master Grid
  • Sales saving with order chit printing
  • Items return from history
  • User roles settings with login time control
  • Users roles with access control
  • Load offline users data for select sales person offline support
  • POS Receipt discount with amount
  • Products listing performance fine tuned

MerchantPlay Gift Cards Feature

Posted on 19th Oct 2014 in Support

This article describes the specifications for purchasing gift cards, and gift-card functionality in MerchantPlay, specifically:

  • Purchasing gift cards
  • Selling/Recharging gift cards
  • Accepting a gift card as payment
  • Managing active/disabled gift cards
  • Recycling gift cards

MerchantPlay Version 1.06 Released

Posted on 27th Sep 2014 in News & Announcements

What's New?

  • Create Color Code for Appointment Types
  • Appointment Schedule for Users
  • Tools to show unposted offline data, do repost and delete offline data
  • Fixed offline post with running seq problem
  • Payment Voucher module to add multiple payment modes to SO/Invoice (Popular Demand!)
  • Added Setup type for Retail/Clinic
  • Document serial number settings
  • Add new customers from sell screen directly
  • Shipping module (Popular Demand!)
  • Product Search by Tag Description
  • Product Sales by Tag Report
  • Add Shipping Date and Time to Sales Order
  • Product Shipping Report
  • Gift Cards (Popular Demand)
  • Last Sign-In Time
  • Miscellaneous Product Sales
  • Add Item Count to POS Screen
  • Sales Person Name Change on POS Screen
  • Document Logo on Invoice/SO/PO/PO Receive/Payment Voucher/Stock Transfer Note/Stock Take Sheet/Price Book
  • Minor bug fixes for general stabilization

How do I setup a Zebra label printer on Mac OSX using CUPS?

Posted on 10th Sep 2014 in Support

We do not recommend Zebra 2824, as it is a very sensitive printer and one can't work on the margins like in other models.

We recommend customers use a Zebra label printer with a Windows computer, as their manufacturer drivers can only be installed on Windows.

It is possible to install a Zebra label printer on Mac, using the CUPS printing interface.

MerchantPlay Version 1.05 Released

Posted on 10th Sep 2014 in News & Announcements

What's New?

  • Added Support for Clinics (Treatment Notes, Appoinment Calendars)
  • Enhanced Barcode Label Settings
  • New Shift Collection Report
  • Enhanced Performance on History Tab
  • Customer Display on iPad via HTML5 WebSockets
  • Add Customer Salutation
  • Product Export to work on selected items
  • Added new filters "Shift" and "Category" for Product Sales by Outlet Report
  • Minor bug fixes for general stabilization

How do I setup Star TSP143 LAN Thermal Receipt Printer on Mac

Posted on 7th Aug 2014 in Support

The TSP143 LAN printer must be connected via ethernet cable to the same local area network (LAN) that your POS stations are connected to. This usually requires connecting the printer directly to the router via an ethernet cable.

If you require more help, please refer to the manual that came with your printer.

How do I setup Star TSP100 Thermal Receipt Printer on Windows 8

Posted on 7th Aug 2014 in Support

Before powering on your Star TSP100 receipt printer, you should go to the Star Micronics site here, select Thermal for the Product Type, TSP100 for Printer Family, STAR TSP100ECO for printer model, and finally, Windows 8 in the Operating System dropdown. The driver should say: futurePRNT V5.3 Lite (118MB). Save this file to your desktop.

How do I clear the cache.manifest file in Google Chrome?

Posted on 5th Aug 2014 in Support

MerchantPlay offline capabilities rely mainly on the HTML5 cache.manifest. Sometimes you would need to flush the cache.manifest to solve some of the persistent problems that are otherwise cannot be resolved using all other means.

Getting rid of a cache.manifest file in chrome is a bit tricky. It can't be flushed by just clearing the cache.

To view all Application Caches you can type: chrome://appcache-internals/ in the address bar.

You should see a list of all apps that use a cache.manifest file and can now view their entries to remove the Manifest from Chrome.

MerchantPlay Version 1.04 Released

Posted on 5th Aug 2014 in News & Announcements

What's New?

  • Multi-currency purchase transactions support
  • Enhanced performance of the quick buttons
  • Default outlet for user login
  • New Mall Integration Report interfaces - Quayside Isle, Orchard Gateway
  • Minor bug fixes for general stabilization

Allow pop-ups in Chrome to print receipt correctly

Posted on 5th Aug 2014 in Support

Google Chrome prevents pop-ups from automatically appearing and cluttering your screen. However, this will prevent MerchantPlay to print receipt correctly. To address this problem, you can disable the Chrome pop-up blocker. You can allow all pop-ups by disabling the pop-up blocker. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. in the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button.
  5. In the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups".

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