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Posted on 31st Aug 2015

Quick Keys is the map of buttons on the POS screen, organised by grids or pages. MerchantPlay allows you to easily assign products as quick keys, rename, reposition and recolour keys, and organise your buttons into grids and pages.


Under Settings -> Grids and Buttons you can create a new quick key template, by clicking the Create button, or edit an existing template by clicking on Edit corresponding to its name.

Then start adding products to the grid by clicking Add Button at the bottom of the screen. Click on the newly added Empty Button and a pop-up will appear allowing you to configure the charatieristic of this Quick Key Button:

Type - A Quick Key button can be either an Item button or Grid button. An Item once clicked will add one instance of that product into the selling screen for check out. Similarly, a Grid button if clicked will show all the Quick Key buttons of the Grid page assigned. You can think of the Grid button as a category or group of buttons. For example, you can create a grid layout name Shoes. Add all the products under the type Shoes as Quick Keys and saved it under this layout name Shoes. After which you can on another grid create Quick Key button named Shoes, select Type as Grid and assigned it with Grid Layout Shoes and click Save. You now have a Quick Key button that can have access to another grid of all the products under Shoes.

SKU - Enter the SKU of the product to be assigned to this Quick Key. It is valid only if it is of Type Item.

Grid - Enter the Grid Layout to be assigned to this Quick Key. It is valid only if it is of Type Grid.

Image - This textbox is not editable and will appear only if the Quick Key button is of type Item. It shows the image URL of the item assigned and this image can be set at the Edit Product page.

Text - Enter the description that will appear on the Quick Key button.

Color - Choose the color of the Quick Key button by clicking on the color box.

Name your quick key layout template and save it. Then apply it to your chosen register(s) under Settings -> Outlets & Registers

When you next load that register, the Quick Key template you created should be available to use.