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Posted on 2nd Mar 2015

Regardless of your design and store concept, MerchantPlay enables you to centrally manage your inventory, sales and customers anytime anywhere.


Merchantplay has the following features that help you to effectively manage your inventory, perform stock takes, stock transfers:

1. Variants

Use variants to define products with different attributes, like size or color. Each variant comes with its own store keeping unit (SKU) for easy tracking and  accounting.

2. Composite product

Composite product lets you bundle different products in various ways to form new products and allows you to take the inventory of the existing products you have created. You can also create composites based on fractional amount of your existing products.

3.  Reorder point

The product will be shown in a report to alert you if your current inventory is equal or less than the value you have indicated in this field.

4. Reorder level

The product will be shown in a report to show you the specified amount of inventory to replenish each time the inventory of that product reaches the reorder point.

5. Painless stock takes

Generate and complete full or partial stock takes easily. Simply walk around the warehouse or shop with an iPad and barcode scanner and add product counts directly into MerchantPlay.

6. Multi-location inventory control

MerchantPlay enables multi-location inventory control. Cashiers can check product levels at other stores from the point-of-sale. Managers can order items from other locations, which automatically adjusts inventory at both locations.


Merchantplay has various reports that help you to effectively track your sales and inventory:

1. Transaction reports

These reports tell you how much sales your business has made in terms of monetary value.

2. Product reports

These reports tell you how much product you have sold.  


Merchantplay has various features to manage your customer and keep them coming back:

1. Loyalty program

Reward your customers with a Loyalty program that is powerful, flexible and easy to join. Joining your Loyalty program could not be easier. Just switch it on and every qualifying purchase earns Loyalty. 

2. Price book

With price books, you can easily discount or mark up products to selected customers. Specify which outlet is applicable and an expiry date for each price book. You can import and export products and prices using a CSV file

3. Giftcards

Gift cards are smart, thoughtful and always well-received. MerchantPlay makes it easy to offer gift cards to your customers, track gift card balances, and easily redeem gift cards in the Point of Sale. 

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