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Posted on 1st Sep 2015

Avenue Kids operates a chain of boutique stores, specialising in unique & adorable footwear, fashion and accessories for infants, toddlers and young children. They pride themselves in providing customers with the most gorgeous, the cutest & high quality products from over the world at reasonable price tags.

When the owner of Avenue Kids first contacted the team at MerchantPlay, she was clearly in distress. She was having problem with the receipt printer in one of the outlet and the technical support is not responsive. Frustrated, she came to us for help. Although their current software that Avenue Kids is using is cloud-based and provides basic integration with their online store front, what she is looking for is something far more important - reliable POS support. After accessing that MerchantPlay has all the features she needs to operate her chain of outlets, and pleasantly surprised with a much lower priced subscription plan offered, she made no hesitations and signed up with us.

"It is a cost saving initiative for us to move to MerchantPlay. For the same features that we have enjoyed from our previous cloud POS software, it cost much less with MerchantPlay. We are happy with the offline mode that MerchantPlay can support hence reducing the need to rely on the internet even though it is a web based system and the ease of managing inventory across few branches using its simple yet elegant user interface. And the best part of all, the support from MerchantPlay give us a peace of mind as our questions are being followed up and resolved promptly every single time, unlike our previous supplier who is limited in resources and most of the time not responsive given the fact that they are just a local reseller of the software. MerchantPlay's technical support is extraordinary, they are the creator of the software and has a strong local support team. I believed that we have made the right move, since then everything is smooth sailing."