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Posted on 1st Sep 2015

Hock Siong is a Singapore based 2nd hand retailer dealing with pre-used items from local hotels and organisations. As they sell a wide and extensive range of stock ranging from furniture, decorations, kitchenware, linen to stainless steel, they require a robust and versatile system that is able to cater the needs to their walk-in consumer and industrial customers, and overseas export clients. 

In the recent years, Hock Siong faced the challenge of managing their growing customer base and inventory with their outdated point of sale (POS) system. As their outdated POS system could only generate a singular 4-ply copy of 8” dot matrix receipt for every sale, the paper wastage is not environmentally efficient for this recycling business. It was clear to Hock Siong’s management that it was time to revamp their old POS system. 

The brief was relatively simple: to overhaul to a new system that will stay relevant and minimise “data” and paper wastage for the next 3 to 5 years. When Hock Siong contacted us, we immediately see that MerchantPlay is a perfect fit to what Hock Siong needs. MerchantPlay is on-demand and highly scalable, it is also future proofed as it is a platform for true multichannel retailing and a one-stop shop for all problems and support. 

According to Brillyn Toh, business manager at Hock Siong, “We are happy about the comprehensive inventory management that MerchantPlay has which allows us to create variants and tracked the variants stock level accurately. MerchantPlay is a cloud-based software and the best part is that we can monitor our business through mobile devices, 24/7 on the go, giving us customer and sales information on demand. The delivery function had increased our productivity by enabling the sales team to track delivery records through our extensive customer database. In the search for an IT solutions company, it is important that the service vendor is reliable, understand the  problems you faced in your operations and solve them through creative means. We are happy that the team at MerchantPlay had done that perfectly by listening to our needs and created a system that enable us to improve the quality of our service to our end customers.”