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Posted on 19th Oct 2014

This article describes the specifications for purchasing gift cards, and gift-card functionality in MerchantPlay, specifically:

  • Purchasing gift cards
  • Selling/Recharging gift cards
  • Accepting a gift card as payment
  • Managing active/disabled gift cards
  • Recycling gift cards


The first step in setting up gift cards for your business is acquiring the gift cards. Personalized gift cards can be purchased from any third-party supplier.


  1. Start a new sale.
  2. Click Gift Card.
  3. Scan the gift card barcode or enter the barcode number. You can either scan a new gift card to sell, or a previously sold gift card to top up.
  4. Set the value in the Amount field then click Create Gift Card. If topping up a previously sold gift card, the amount is added to the card’s existing value.
  5. If required, add other items to the sale.
  6. Take payment for the sale.


  1. Go to Settings->Payment Modes and click on Create.
  2. Enter the name of the new payment mode as Gift Card and select type as Gift Card.
  3. Go to POS, start a new sale, add items as you would normally, and then click Payment.
  4. Enter the amount to be tendered for in the Tender text box or simply select quick payment button (i.e. Exact or $100/$50/$10/$5/$2 button).
  5. Scan the gift card barcode or enter the barcode number in the Card Number text box.
  6. Click Gift Card on the payment screen.
  7. If the amount of the sale is greater than the value of the gift card, you will be prompted the maximum amount you can utilise, and you will need to take additional payment to cover the remaining amount due.
  8. Click Complete Payment to finish the sale transaction.


  1. Click Customers from the Main Menu, and then click Gift Cards.
  2. The list shows the active/issued gift cards with their remaining balance. Click a gift card from the list to view its corresponding transaction history, or to de-activate/re-activate the card. De-activated gift cards are removed from the list of active gift cards and can no longer be sold, recharged, or used for purchases. The gift card transaction/payment history and remaining value, however, is maintained. Re-activating a previously de-activated gift card allows you to sell the gift card, or activate it for purchases if the card has remaining value.


If an issued gift card reaches a zero balance, you can recycle the card for re-use. This feature de-activates a gift card so that it can be re-activated as if it were a brand-new, unused gift card. The gift card previous transaction/payment history will be deleted once recycled.

  1. Click Customers from the Main Menu
  2. Scan the gift card barcode or enter the barcode number.
  3. Click Recycle Card.