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Posted on 14th Sep 2015

Folks at MerchantPlay are always working on the development of innovative features, and we are excited to announce the release of a new one.

The new MerchantPlay Product Package functionality allows you to bundle together multiple services and/or products for your customers to purchase as a pre-paid package. The pre-paid packages wait in a pending state in the customer profile page for the customer to redeem anytime.

MerchantPlay has added in the ability for your customers to redeem multiple package items in one go. This functionality is applied to the pre-paid products, which are a part of the package.

This feature is particularly useful for salon packages such as a Botox Package, where the customer purchases a package which includes a large quantity of Botox units. Each time your customers visit for a Botox service, they need to be able to redeem a multiple number of Botox units. The Botox units are the pre-paid products in the package, which are used during their appointment.

Multiple package items can be redeemed by going to the customer's profile, and in the Packages section clicking Redeem next to the product they wish to redeem and then in the pop-up prompt, you can enter in the number of products the customer is redeeming at this time.

This article describes how to:

  • Set up a product or service as a package
  • Sell a package
  • Redeem a package


  1. Click Products from the Main Menu, and then either create a new product or edit the product you want to set up as a package.
  2. Under Category field select Package.


  1. Click POS from the Main Menu and search for the customer who you want to sell the package to.
  2. Search for the package that you have set up above and add to the sale.
  3. Adjust the Qty of the package. This will be the number of redemptions made available to this package.
  4. Click Complete Payment to finish the sale transaction.


  1. Go to Customers, search for the customer who you have sold the package to and click on the customer code to view profile.
  2. Go to the Package section in the customer profile view.
  3. Click Redeem to redeem for the package. Enter the quantity to redeem in the pop-up dialog.
  4. You shall be able to see the package history with available balance for all the packages bought by the customer under the same section.