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Posted on 10th Apr 2019

Listening to our customers may be a great way for us to gather enough business-important information. After all, the best business decisions are based off data and not guesses. And our customer feedback is one of the best ways to gather business-specific data that let us understand how our customers really feel about the product or service we deliver.

At MerchantPlay, our team loves to listen to our customers to improve our product. Hence, we bring you the new Payment Screen with the new V2.40 updates. It is more stable and intuitive.

Generally, there are only 4 types of scenarios or sequences in keying in a payment, for illustration, we will use the scenario of a customer paying with CASH or VISA or both:

1) CASH only

2) VISA only

3) CASH first, VISA second

4) VISA first, CASH second

Let us go through the scenarios in detail below.

1) CASH only

Step 1 Screen

The new payment screen will show all available payment modes. For the above example, the amount to pay is unrounded, which is fine for non-CASH payment. However, if your system has been configured to round up/down the final amount, the figure will be rounded automatically with a CASH selection as show below:

Step 2 Screen

Notice that the figure has been rounded above based on the rules configured in the settings, in this case to $49.45. However, you will be presented with a Reset option, and no payment has been entered yet. If you choose to Reset, you will go back to the Step 1 Screen, which is the unrounded figure of $49.43. At this point of time, you can only proceed by clicking on CASH button, as all the other payment modes have been disabled.

Final Screen

Payment will be completed with CASH only payment once you have been shown the screen above.

2) VISA only

This is the most straight forward scenario, from Step 1 Screen, simply click on the VISA button and you will be able to complete the payment and shown the Final Screen above. 

3) CASH first, VISA second

Step 3 Screen

From Step 2 Screen, change the amount tender to $10.00 for CASH and click on the CASH button. You will be shown with Step 3 Screen above, indicating that $10.00 has been entered as CASH. Do notice that the figure will be reverted to unrounded, and the CASH button will be disabled. The reason for this is because the system is programmed to allow only one CASH entry per payment to reduce system and user confusion. For the fairness of the consumer or vendor, customer will be able to pay the exact amount since only a non-CASH payment can be entered subsequently. In this case, click on the VISA button to complete the payment.

4) VISA first, CASH second

Step 4 Screen

From Step 1 Screen, change the tender amount to $10.00 and click on the VISA button and you will be able to see that $10.00 has been registered as VISA payment in Step 4 Screen above. Finally, click on CASH button to complete the transaction.